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Letting Go of the Plan: Sharing with @ "Our Misconception"

"Candice: I think the moment we cross that threshold of the fertility clinic, we begin to let go of “the plan.” The plan that made us think it would be easy, fun- spontaneous even. Fast forward to years of treatments, and failures, your plan changes even more into something that is seemingly unrecognizable. This is why we wanted to share Mollie Huyck’s story. Having crossed paths quite a bit through both of our pursuits to become a mama and our passion for advocacy. We have a fellow IP bond of understanding the grief, determination, and sheer blind faith that it took to be where we are today. 

Mollie shares with us what it’s like to let go of her own plan:

Mollie: I was home alone that afternoon while my husband was on shift at the fire station. The call came in that my beta numbers were low and that I could stop the medication (again). Crying on my knees, kneeling against the bed, begging God to please not take another baby away from us. Please take me, let her stay, please just let her live. But, she too didn’t get to stay."

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