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IF Advocacy: Infertility Uncovered with ORM Fertility

" By Mollie Huyck, Former ORM Patient & Infertility Advocate

Because of Infertility.

Because of Cancer.

Because of Gestational Surrogacy.

I Became Your Mama.

After 10 years of diagnosed unexplained infertility and years of reproductive endocrinology services, we were met with years of loss and frustration both emotionally and financially. Though we have been open about our journey with friends and family, we could never understand why a disease that we could not change the outcome of, was not supported through our medical benefits just as any other medical diagnosis would or could be. We did everything we could to continue to reach for our dream of growing our family. With the support of friends and family, fundraising, selling our home, taking out IVF (Fertility/Medical) loans and withdrawing a retirement account – we stayed committed to growing our family regardless of the lack of support through our medical benefits.

Every tear, every heartache, every loss, every failure – I am truly grateful for.


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