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Moxie Magazine: Adventure & Bravery (Summer Issue 2019)


While Adventures don't always require bravery, in a lot of ways, it can be easier to be brave when we look at life through the lens of adventure. A challenge can be hard, but challenges take us down roads that show us who we are and help us grow strong for the next challenge, because there will always be challenges in life. Adventures are around every corner: starting a new school, having a baby, going off to college can all be looked at as Adventures. Anything that requires us to change or step outside our comfort zone can be an Adventure and, in those times, we have to tap into our very own Bravery. The more we tap into that Bravery inside of us the easier and it easier it gets to access it.

In this issue you'll read about a decision to change a career, a mom fighting for her dream to start a family, a daughter's letter to her mom as she embarks upon marriage, illustrations of strong females in literature, and how the definition of Bravery is a wide and varied as the women who will read this magazine. t's an honor to share these stories and we hope they will inspire Bravery and Adventure in you." - Heather Carter, Moxie Magazine, Mother & Daughter

A special thank you to Heather and Emerson for creating such a special place for us to share our stories and inspirations! You can download your copy of Moxie Magazine, created for Mothers and Daughters.

Follow Moxie Magazine: @Moxiemag and Roaring Adventures: @roaringadventures_ on IG

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